The Manor House

More prestige for The Manor House

The Manor House has got another globally recognised feather in its hat, thanks to being awarded membership of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) collection of globally renowned luxury hotels from 1st April 2019.

LHW membership represents a global benchmark for excellence and signifies a hotel’s commitment to ensuring that each guest experience is unique, authentic and out of the ordinary, exceeding expectation and going above and beyond mere hospitality.

With more than 400 members spread across 80 nations, LHW’s hotels are as diverse as they are interesting and luxurious, boasting a range of architectural styles, interior decor and design. Some, like The Manor House, have a long and interesting history, others are brand new and contemporary. All deliver immersive cultural experiences and are led by passionate teams of dedicated staff.

Its status as a national monument sets The Manor House apart and its location on the rolling landscapes of Fancourt estate belies its origins as the former home of the estate’s founder and namesake – Henry Fancourt White. It’s no stranger to global acclaim and recognition, having been named South Africa’s Leading Country House Hotel in 2018 by the World Travel Awards.

LHW also has an interesting history and, like The Manor House, has made considerable achievements on its journey to excellence. It was established in 1928 by a small group of influential and pioneering European hoteliers, starting out with just 38 member hotels across Europe. Today, it has its headquarters in New York City in the US, with offices in more than 20 major cities across the world.

Requirements for LHW membership are stringent, demanding that a hotel must display excellence in all areas affecting guest comfort, convenience and well-being. Only the most eminent hotels are accepted. A detailed point system is used by LHW covering all phases of the guest experience, from reservation to check-out, assessing all aspects of a guest’s stay and a hotel’s performance, from reception to back of house.

So it’s a great achievement for The Manor House, and very much deserved by this amazing boutique hotel with its huge heart and dedication to the ultimate in South African hospitality.